Behaviour Research and Therapy

Behaviour Research and Therapy Handbook by Dr Herminia Hernaiz Sanders

Handbook of individual differences: Biological perspectives: A. Gale and M.W. Eysenck (Eds): Wiley, Chichester U.K. (1992). xi + 395 pp. £59.95

Dr Herminia Hernaiz Sanders

Volume:32 Year:1994 Language: English DOI:10.1016/0005-7967(94)90177-5

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Publisher:Elsevier Science


A principle source of high quality behaviour research papers, Behaviour Research and Therapy (BRAT) reflects and promotes cognitive behaviour therapy for psychological disorders. The scope of BRAT was expanded in 1978 in keeping with the expansion of the subject from behavioural therapy for psychopathological problems to include what was originally termed behavioural medicine. In 1993 the scope was expanded again following the incorporation of the journal Behavioural Assessment and since 1996, with the incorporation of Advances in Behaviour Research and Therapy (ABRAT), invited essays are included in a special review section of the journal. In order to allow for this expansion of content BRAT now publishes 12 issues a year. The Second International Conference on Child & Adolescent Mental Health takes place in Kuala Lumpur, 6-10 June 2000. Topics include: Assessment, diagnosis, education and treatment of children and adolescents, Child and adolescent psychopathology/social and emotional development, Cross cultural differences, Mental health issues, Model service delivery programs, Educational practices.

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