Emotional Difficulties

Emotional Difficulties Therapy Online ​

Emotional Difficulties Therapy Online

Understanding mental health is not always easy. For example, are we feeling down because I did not get that promotion at work or is it difficult to get up in the morning to go to work? One can be a transient emotional response while the other can be the onset of depression. Trying to ascertain the difference is sometimes challenging.

Emotional problems or mental health issues can take a slightly different form depending on the signs of psychological distress felt. However, the main difference between mental health disorders versus a temporary set of emotional responses to a recent upsetting event, is that the symptoms will persist for a period of time. If over the weeks the symptoms persist and you find that your everyday life is harder than usual it is best to consult with a specialist.

Most people find it hard to recognize they have emotional difficulties. Many of my patients will often ask me if they are “mad” because they see a Clinical Psychologist. My response to this is that Clinical Psychologists deal with emotional difficulties as much as with mental health problems. When there are signs and symptoms of emotional difficulties it is important to follow through with a Clinical Psychologist as the majority of emotional difficulties and mental health conditions are manageable with medication and psychotherapy.

The treatment process initiates with a thorough evaluation, to then design a customized treatment that addresses not only the emotional difficulties but also your individual characteristics that are making you feel unwell.

Clinical Psychologists treatments focus on applying different forms of therapies and psychological techniques, although medication may also be incorporated via a local GP or psychiatrists depending on each circumstance. Research has shown that combining psychological treatment with medicine helps to address most problems. However, psychological treatments are proven most successful because we deal at the emotional, functional and thinking level for each person.

How does emotional difficulties therapy develop?

How long does therapy take?

The time in therapy is determined by the depth of the problem or whether the symptom/problem is specific or has generalised to other parts of your life.