Difficulties dealing with families

Difficulties dealing with families

Online Therapy - Difficulties dealing with families

The mind uses pre-existing ways of dealing with others; the way we behave is an interaction between how we are and how we perceive others to be. These two ways can agree or clash. Using therapy as a tool when they clash, we can learn to see how we perceive others and this new perception will change how we deal with them. 

Whether it is your spouse, your children, or your parents, difficulties can be reduced while at the same time changing your perception of them.

Therapy allows us to explore who we are and in the course of this work we also find out what other people mean to us. This process adjusts personal relationships allowing us to improve our family interactions in particular.

How does therapy develop?

How long does therapy take?

The time in therapy is determined by the depth of the problem or whether the symptom/problem is specific or has generalised to other parts of your life.