Clinical Psychology Insights

We understand that living our lives can be very difficult for many of us and sometimes we need help but who can we reach out to?

For many reaching out to me has been positively life changing and the start of the healing process.

During the time you spend with me at our meetings you will feel you are with someone you can trust and respect.

The brain creates what I call mini traumas when we are exposed to emotional situations that we do not know how to solve. The way the trauma tries to resolve itself is by repeating over and over to find an emotional solution to the problem. Identifying the mini traumas and how they are repeated, forms the core of the treatment for some problems. We identify the circuit that entangles you and set you free to deal with life as it comes away from the established patterns that have formed your mental structure.

Take that first step along the path to recovery and contact me today. You may feel that no one can remove and heal your emotional pain but I can and we will. It helps to share with someone who truly cares and all my clients can and do enjoy a new life free of the feeling that haunted them on a daily basis.

Dr. Sanders insights

Read insights and clinical advice from clinical sessions

Insight on Depression

A patient asked what is depression, doctor? , why do I feel down if there is nothing wrong with my life, just the way I feel?
I responded: how do you feel? The patient said, I feel divided, like I am in two places. That is sometimes the nature of depression, a divided sense of self.

Insight on Feelings

Some patients’ ask me why if I want to work, live, or be well, I can´t. Understanding how our feelings and our actions are disconnected, it´s one of the most powerful tools we developed while in therapy. Understanding can be the engine we need for changing our feelings.

Insight on Anguish

Most people, patients, friends, family want to know what causes anguish, even some of my students often debate about the nature of anguish. Anguish is caused by a contradictory state of the mind. Looking at the here and now often causes the anguish to settle. However, we need to look inside to make anguish dissipate over time while in therapy.

Insight on Emptiness

Emptiness, hollowness, dissociation, loneliness are all natural states of the mind. However natural they make us feel wrong. During therapy, all states of the mind are addressed, for a continuous improvement towards a happier, full sense of self.